Monday, January 16, 2012

guest post, Beat Cancer By Feeling Beautiful

When I received an email from Jackie Clark I was instantly intrigued. She asked to do a guest post, so here it is. Enjoy

xo, Hannah

Beat Cancer by Feeling Beautiful

By: Jackie Clark

Looking and feeling beautiful is a vital aspect to many women's lives. It should remain even more vital in the face of a cancer treatment. A cancer diagnosis may seem like it takes precedent over everything else in your life. After being told you have mesothelioma, lung cancer or breast cancer you may feel like you have no time to look beautiful.

Treating yourself to a beautiful fashion can be almost as important to your survival as a good treatment. Naturally, fashion and looking beautiful cannot be considered any type of cure or treatment for cancer. Instead, it can be considered as a way to enhance your treatment in many different ways. You may be surprised to find how useful staying beautiful in the face of cancer really is to a struggling woman.

First, it gives you a focus that exists outside of your disease. Focusing too much on your cancer can turn your mental energy inward, make you introverted and make it difficult to focus on anything else. You cannot let your disease take control of your life in this way. Instead, focus on fashion and staying beautiful. This distraction will be necessary for keeping your mind and body active during your treatments.

Another great benefit of fashion and staying beautiful is that it helps boost your confidence and your spirit. Cancer treatments are rough on the body and can leave you looking rough. Beautiful dresses, shirts, pants, coats and jewelry can help you look better to yourself in the mirror. Facing yourself in the mirror while looking beautiful can bring a little bit more confidence to your day and a more of pep in your step.

People around you will notice that you are more positive and seem happier. They will be likely to compliment you on your positivity and reinforce your behavior. This reinforcement is vital to getting over your condition. Positive behavioral reinforcements can help make these behaviors normal to you. You will feel better and happier about yourself no matter what.

Start by picking creating a wardrobe with an outfit for every situation. Pick casual clothes as well as formal clothes. Make sure to pick clothes that compliment your natural good looks and style. Each piece of clothing in the outfit should match each other to make them look perfect. Use jewelry and other accessories to complete your wardrobe and to look great.

Turn your life around by staying beautiful in the face of cancer. Again, make sure you attend all of your treatments and life a healthy, active lifestyle. Combining these changes with a successful cancer treatment should help you beat back this disease easily. So get out there, beautiful and stay happy.

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